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Best Practices in Configuring Office 365 ATP Safe Attachments

Security and End User Experience don’t often go hand in hand, the art is to find the right balance.

I often get asked how should I configure my Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Safe Attachments policy to achieve maximum protection against modern day threats such as Zero Day Exploits, Macro Based trojans and other specially crafted malicious attachment.

In this video, we’ll go through some of the recommendations on configuring ATP Safe Attachment policy in Office 365.

Getting Spoofed emails delivered ? Common Office 365 Configuration Mistakes

In my previous post, we discussed how to detect Spoofed emails and build defenses against them.

If you were able to relate to some of these emails and you find them getting delivered to your user’s inbox, you may want to check some common misconfigurations on your Office 365 Tenant.

I have create this video to illustrate how these mistakes often open doors for these kind of emails to come in,

Do watch it and share your comments,

Windows Defender Detects Malicious Macros in Real time.

We are seeing an increasing trend of Microsoft office files are being used as Trojans to download malicious payloads by using legitimate features like VB Macros.

If you are running Windows Defender as your default AV, check out this video as how Defender uses its client side ML with AMSI to detect malicous VB macro and blocks it in real time.

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